Friday, August 23, 2013

Linux Mint Olivia - 1 week later...

A follow up to my last post Linux Mint 15 Olivia - Observations...

The Good


Xorg has been working beautifully. No memory leaks. No squirrelly issues in performance or attitude. I haven't even had to blow away my $HOME/.kde/share/config/plasma* files even once!


I think I finally started to make friends with the packaging system. The stock 'screen' package is left hamstrung with a MAXWIN value of 40. I can't live within the confines of only 40 so this was my catalyst for making this a priority and figuring out. I finally found some decent docs so that I could download the src-deb, extract, fix, compile, repackage, install. Not only that, but there was another package I needed to tweak and it was super easy to download the binary deb file, extract, fix, repackage, install.

The Bad


Also thanks to the Mint teams priorities, I quickly noticed that after fixing your default search engine in Firefox, the search autocomplete is broken.
If Aerobie Inc. paid Tesla Motors to replace the steering wheel in their vehicles with an Aerobie, do you think they should do it? After all, Tesla needs the money, so shouldn't they do it? Because it's such a great idea to have the primary means in which you steer your vehicle be a product that people used to have a little fun with a long time ago. Not only that, but let's make sure if people try to fix the mistake and switch to a real steering wheel, that it won't turn all the way.

Other missing package nits...

The curl package isn't installed by default. Seriously. No, I'm not kidding.
Less ridiculous exclusions that you can find in every other distro, no 'lynx' (which only old farts like me use anyway), 'pcregrep' and friends, 'mc' (again, an old fart utility) and 'whois' (ok, I work at an isp, obviously that would only be important to me).

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